How do I get a crypto loan on Binance?

This guide will show you how to borrow crypto loans from the best crypto lending platform with less processing time. Are you a former borrower who has been refused a loan? Are you new to borrowing and lending? Do you not have the ability to repay the loan? It’s now easier than ever to get […]

Here’s everything you need to know to link your MetaMask account to other blockchains

A step-by-step guide to linking your MetaMask wallet with blockchains such as Binance Smart Chains, Avalanches, Polygons, Harmony, and Harmony. What is MetaMask? MetaMask is a web-based tool that ConsenSys Software Inc. developed to make it easy to connect the current internet (web 2.0) and the decentralized web (web 3.0). It’s basically a software toolbox […]


A blockchain system is basically a network that has a distributed ledger and can be considered a shared database. All transactions are stored on the blockchain and shared with everyone. To make a transaction valid, it must be added to the Blockchain. Transactions that take place on a blockchain are called on-chain transactions. They are […]


These financial instruments are very popular and widely used. These instruments are used to hedge risk. A derivatives contract is a contract that allows an investor to agree to purchase an asset at a certain price. This allows them to hedge against fluctuations in the asset’s value. However, the derivatives market is also very popular […]


A virus is a malicious software that infiltrates the computer of a user without their knowledge. The virus then can execute a variety of malicious operations on the host system. Fred Cohen originally coined the term in 1983 to describe the way that a computer virus replicates an infectious virus spreading between people. Unknowingly downloading […]


If the market is affected by external factors, such as global economic turmoil or a news story, dumping could occur. Many factors have contributed to the many examples over the years. The market can experience extreme volatility when Bitcoin approaches a half. This is historically the trigger for dumping. Dumping can occur when a cryptocurrency’s […]

Coin Mixer

Coin mixing is essentially anonymous because it keeps both parties to a transaction anonymous. Cryptocurrency transactions can be recorded on a public blockchain ledger. This means that anyone can access these records from anywhere. You can access all transactions to and from an address by entering it in a block explorer. This transparency is an […]

Zero Confirmation or Unconfirmed Transaction

Unconfirmed transactions are those that have not been confirmed or recorded on the Blockchain. It’s important to understand the basics of blockchain technology in context. A blockchain is a distributed ledger that is composed of ongoing sequence blocks. A network of distributed nodes maintains the blockchain and reaches a consensus on the integrity of data […]


An “airdrop” is a way to distribute cryptocurrency to the general public by allowing them to have certain tokens or wallets that are on a specific blockchain. This is often done to encourage the holding of tokens and to induce people to join the blockchain network. Airdrops are usually conducted by requiring that users hold a […]

Air Gap

An air gap is a term that refers to data that cannot be accessed. It can’t be corrupted or infected if it can’t be accessed. This is usually implemented in the IT industry as a duplicate of production data on a secondary storage device that is offline and is not connected to any production networks or […]