Shielded Transaction

Shielded addresses use zero-knowledge proofs to enable transaction data to be encrypted and remain verifiable by network Nodes. Shielded transactions are transactions that occur between two addresses. This will essentially keep the transaction amount, addresses, and memo field secret from the public. The exception is migrating funds between Sprout or Sapling shielded addresses. The sender of […]

Decentralized API

APIs are the core of the new digital economy. They serve as the central point of the API Economy and a fundamental component to digital solutions. Although APIs were central for many years, many decentralized platforms now use Blockchain technology to offer completely decentralized APIs. Decentralized apps (dApps), which work in a decentralized environment, are a great example. Although dAPIs have the same functionality as […]

Paper Wallet

A paper wallet is physical storage that holds cryptocurrency public keys. A paper wallet does not store cryptocurrencies as they are virtual assets. A paper wallet is a safe way to store your unique keys to virtual wealth. A paper wallet is a piece of paper that stores keys. You can store the keys in their raw alphanumeric form or […]

Cardano vs Solana – A Quick Overview and Comparison

This comparison and overview of two of the most popular cryptocurrency platforms in 2021. Are you unsure which one is best? Continue reading! Cardano, a smart contract-enabled protocol of the third generation that facilitates Decentralized Finance (Defi), is Cardano. It is similar in some ways to Solana, as developers can create customized applications for their users. It is a […]

Bitcoin Fees and How to Reduce Them

Transaction fees will rise as Bitcoin continues its rally. You can reduce your BTC fees by streamlining data packets and transacting during off-peak periods. Since the rise of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in 2020, Bitcoin fees have received a lot of attention. They were the focus of more attention as they reached new highs in 2021. Because higher […]

What Is Day Trading?

Day trading allows investors to make multiple trades in a single day. Day traders aim to profit from minor price fluctuations. In the past, only large financial institutions, brokerage houses, and macro-level trading organizations could trade on the stock exchange. Trading is now accessible to anyone thanks to the advancement of technology. Individuals with limited funds can trade in […]