Air Gap

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An air gap is a term that refers to data that cannot be accessed. It can’t be corrupted or infected if it can’t be accessed. This is usually implemented in the IT industry as a duplicate of production data on a secondary storage device that is offline and is not connected to any production networks or public networks. In practice, however, this additional data copy is protected against both corruption and attacks as long as it is maintained.

This air gap data will be used by companies as a backup of last resort. Air gaps are used to protect against disasters and backups.

You also have the advantage of rapid recovery in case of large attacks.

This strategy is used by many vendors to get customers to buy twice as much hardware. One for production, and one for the air gap. This can result in higher costs. The high price has made it difficult to adopt traditional hardware air gap strategies.

There are three types of air gaps: array-based, backup-based, and object-based.

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