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If the market is affected by external factors, such as global economic turmoil or a news story, dumping could occur.

Many factors have contributed to the many examples over the years. The market can experience extreme volatility when Bitcoin approaches a half. This is historically the trigger for dumping.

Dumping can occur when a cryptocurrency’s value repeatedly crosses a resistance point. For example, take May 2018, when Bitcoin experienced a strong period of upward movement that helped push it past the important figure of $10,000. It bounced around the $10,100 mark repeatedly, finally reaching $10,200, where it reached a hard ceiling of rejection.

The crypto whales, which are investors with large amounts of currencies, triggered a selloff below the $10,000 mark. The world’s most popular cryptocurrency saw its value plummet within minutes.

These whales likely re-entered Bitcoin to purchase more at a hugely discounted price. This would result in enormous profits.

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